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A year of sustainability

Prysmian Group has released its latest Sustainability Report, unveiling many activities and a new strategy. 

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The latest Group Sustainability Report has shown impressive results across every dimension of sustainability, as evidenced by an 8% rise in the economic value generated and distributed, compared with the previous year.

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We’ve reshaped our Sustainability Strategy, using three pillars to identify and define the targets related to our business priorities.

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Recent efforts have included reductions in the emissions of CO2 and ozone-depleting substances; an increase in the percentage of factories with health and safety certification; the launch of such innovative products as the 66 kV, which has been qualified by the Carbon Trust programme, and the issuing of new policies and procedures confirming that the Group’s fundamental values include a focus on individuals and ethics.

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Our Sustainability Strategy

UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Established in September 2015, these are a universal set of 17 goals that should lead governments around the world to adopt more responsible practices and outcomes over the following fifteen years.

Sustainable Index monitoring

As part of Prysmian’s ongoing dedication to sustainable business practices, we monitor all the most important sustainability indices and ratings.

Monitoring of stakeholder expectations

We’ve made multi-stakeholder engagement (both internally and externally) an integral part of our strategy. From receiving suggestions on how to improve products and processes, to informing and educating and improving all-round relations

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Putting our strategy into action 

We’ve selected the five SDGs to which we can contribute most, and incorporated them into an implementable Sustainably Plan. Building on this foundation, the Group has also devised a ‘Scorecard’ that identifies 16 sustainability targets to be met by 2020, each measured by quantitative KPIs that will be monitored closely and regularly for progress.

Sustainable governance

The Group has also finalised its sustainability model of governance, in order to create sustainable stakeholder value and a continuous process of effectiveness, efficiency and corporate integrity in the long term.

Our Remuneration and Appointments Committee will be responsible for the supervision of all sustainability actions, and a Sustainability Steering Committee (comprising directors and chaired by COO Andrea Pirondini) has been formed to support their activities. In addition, the Corporate and Business Communications Function will map and monitor the expectations of stakeholders in relation to the Group. 

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Human Rights and Integrity

As a company that operates across the globe, in many different countries and with many different communities, Prysmian is passionate about respecting and protecting the human rights of all our employees and those affected by our business activities.

As such, we’ve been hard at work developing our Human Rights Policy. In addition, our Integrity First Whistleblowing Program will play a significant role in uncovering any fraud and unethical practices.

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Prysmian Group’s Human Rights Policy complies with international best practices and adopts the principles in the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Fundamental Conventions of the International Labour Organization (ILO).


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The Human factor


Our people are the most important element in our continued and sustainable success. And so we’ve been fostering a working environment that recognises the value of diversity, promotes equal opportunities and inspires people to bring their own unique qualities to the business.

While our recruitment programmes have achieved excellent participation rates, the intensive training activities of the Prysmian Group Academy – an international school for managerial and professional training – have continued with great success. 

Equally, our Your Employee Shares (YES) plan continues to grow, counting today around 50% of our people among our shareholders. 

Environmental responsibility  


We’ve also been putting in action our belief that the future of cutting-edge cable technology is sustainable. How? By developing products and processes throughout the supply chain that minimise environmental impact, and achieving ISO standards for our production sites. 

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More details and further results can be found in our recently launched Sustainability Report

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